Apr 2 - Written By Prashant Priyadarshi

The Elusive Creative Confidence

Thousands of crowd, hundreds of millennial, one speaker with an agenda to create design awareness at the school and college level in the Indian education system.

This was just the trailer! A Workshop for Career Fest at Jyoti Nivas College by Ignite India.

We are born creative, as a child we ask questions and as an adult we answer the questions, because it is the creativity required to ask a question and intelligence to answer. With time and conditioning we tend to have the fear of creative judgement and lose the creative confidence.

Well, I am elated to share my part of learning and contribution while taking a counselling session for the students in the event. The design event jointly organised by Ignite India and Rainush Media Labs powered by Pahal School of Design.

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Why about creativity? Because innovation can be both fun and rewarding. As we look at the sweep of our life and start to think of a legacy that survives beyond it, giving others the opportunity to live up to their creative capacity seems like a worthy purpose. In the last six years, we've helped countless people nurture their creativity and put it to valuable use.

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'The truth is, we all have far more creative potential waiting to be tapped. Everybody is the creative type. If we can get individuals to stick with it awhile, they will end up doing amazing things. They come up with breakthrough ideas or suggestions, and work creatively with a team to develop something truly innovative. They surprise themselves with the realisation that they are a lot more creative than they had thought. We don't have to generate creativity from scratch. We just need to help people rediscover what they already have, the capacity to imagine or build upon new-to-the world ideas.' -Kelley

With the same belief we also had a highly energetic, enthusiastic and exhilarated interactive session where the student submissions were drawn to link their thoughts on art, design and creatives to life and career with demonstrating in one single sheet in any formats be it all even meant only for the aliens with no subjective conclusion. With this we witnessed the innovative ideas of the students, and saw an overview of many texts and topics they mentioned beyond imagination.

Later the students were introduced to the various career options available to orient their creative thought in building to the most and more of their creativity.

Creativity now is much broader and more universal than what people typically consider “artistic” fields. We think of creativity as using our imagination to create something new in the world. Creativity comes into play wherever you have the opportunity to generate new ideas, solutions, or approaches. And we believe everyone should have access to that resource. For much of the 20th century the so-called “creative types”—designers, art directors, copy writers—were relegated to the kids’ table, far from serious discussions. Meanwhile, all the important business conversations took place among the “grown-ups” in boardrooms and meeting spaces down the hall.But the creative endeavours that seemed fanciful or extracurricular a decade ago have now gone mainstream.

Like earlier of our events, We have addressed this teachable moment once again to break the thought under the shadow of their preceded conditioning with a hope that might bring change and innovation in the teaching medium. And continue with our pen to power moment. The power to change the education system in schools. A watershed teaching moment, where a teaching unit on student activism in art and design with today and the world are working with a thought to ignite India, where students talk and portray their interest of career to their aspirations.